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strategy to help you scale your brand


Blitz Launch

Need a media plan for your VC round?
Got a product launch coming up?
Landing page, presentation
& key visuals in 24 hours? This strand of services is designed to help startups, high-growth companies, or anyone else that needs a bit of magic
to propel their campaign.

From design and content creation
to SEO, media distribution and
crisis management, we have
the right network and processes
to deliver results within hours.

Strategic Narrative

Strategic narrative is about the
was”, “is” and “to be” of your company.
It will help your business evolve from
a claims-based culture to a
brand powerhouse.
Strategic narrative encompasses
storytelling, yet it paints a picture
much bigger than storytelling ever could.
Rigorous data analysis, work with senior managers, product owners, and customer support ensures your company’s transition
into a powerful, lasting brand.

Community Strategy

Communities champion brands
better than anyone else. In 2023,
a global community
with a unified vision can help you move the needle,
be that for a new product launch or at a time of crisis.
By separating knowledge from power,
yet working with both, we are able
to build effective social
communication structures
that empower customers
and community members through
education rather than claims.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, though —
start scaling your community now!

Crisis Communications

During a crisis, a good instinct for
messaging and timing is critical.
Crisis comms isn’t a posting plan exercise — one mistake here can damage your brand for years to come.
We have vast experience
with financial and energy corporations,
NGOs, as well as consumer brands.
With a background in public affairs,
our crisis comms team brings
just the right skillset to the table.

Word on the street

“We have continuously worked with the 5wits team over the years on several multi-national campaigns aimed at growing UK businesses in mainland Europe. 5wits are results-driven, easy to work with, and bring rare expertise to the table. We look forward to our upcoming projects with the agency.”

Anelia Todorova
Deputy Regional Director, Department for International Trade, UK

“We have been working with 5wits’ design team for over 4 years. They are behind our organisation’s website and the visual and content identity of various social media campaigns. With their immense creativity and innovative way of thinking, the 5wits team are an example of our core vision – that young people are the driving force that moves the world forward. We are more than honoured that their experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters Association has encouraged them to scale their business operations, and we wish the company the best of luck!”

Lena Karnalova
Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Association

“I had a very rewarding experience working with 5wits on a gaming festival. In addition to crafting the marketing strategy, the team had a great input in identifying and developing the business model, which significantly increased the project’s success. I highly recommend 5wits for their professionalism, expertise, and exceptional customer service.”

Yuliyan Stoyanov, DMA
CEO, Talent Development Resources Ltd

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About us

A painter with a flair for writing, a MedSchool drop-out turned software designer, and a former lobbyist with an obsession for plants, the core team behind 5wits isn’t your typical 9 to 5 office gang. When we kick-started 5wits, our mission was clear: convince our clients to treat their products as a service, while doing our best to give our service the reliability of a product. Let’s face it, old-fashioned comms & design services are finally undergoing a much-needed change, and efficiency is at the core of this evolution. Our network of prominent experts is spread across Europe, we rarely visit any office. We have previously worked for some cool brands, including Mastercard, Revolut, CEV, some EU institutions, and a myriad of companies within the portfolio of the UK’s Department for International Trade, to name a few. As for our end-goal, it’s world domination, of course, and an increased use of the Oxford comma. Somewhere along the way, we will together achieve a better, more sane public communication with fewer clickbaits and more genuine brands. Drop us a line if you feel, like, you know, we might like each other.